Plastiqua is a company specialised in the production of containers and packaging items, including dispensers and plastic bottles, specific to the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industry, as well as for herbal remedies.

Active since 1990 in the field of plastic moulding, Plastiqua has acquired skills and knowledge so as to today represent a point of reference also for the province of Rome. The supply of volumetric dispensers for the dosage or distribution of creams and liquid, powdered or granular products in precise quantities is guaranteed by the company thanks to the highest quality in packaging means, so as to ensure the absolute hygiene and inalterability of the products . Specifically, the company manufactures dosers, but also pots, vials and bottles in polymer, polyethylene or polypropylene materials, for which are offered customised services for graphics, offset and screen printing.

Among the wide range of plastic products available to customers are also inviolable containers. These consist of bottles with a seal that cannot be opened without the removal of the sealing strip. The company is also involved in the production of plastic containers for liquids and creams, with the possibility of choosing amongst a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes.

The company also deals with the production of plastic pill carriers, tablet containers, dosers up to 50 ml (with measurements in 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 ml) or with a handle for medical use, vials, packaging tubes and containers for chemistry use.

Plastiqua is in possession of the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate.

Plastic measuring instruments are useful in many processes in the kitchen, of which we become all too aware whenever we cannot find what we need in a specific moment. Fortunately, many companies dealing with household appliances or food include such dosers directly within their packaging, so you always have one on hand. 

For twenty years is in fact, the Plastiqua company has been responsible for the production of packaging and plastic objects, even including graduated measuring devices in different shapes and capacities in accordance with their usage. The company's expertise in this area is a guarantee of the utilisation of highly-qualified and controlled materials so as to always offer a hygienic product. Plastiqua's extensive catalogue includes many other plastic products, in particular containers destined for use in the the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. In addition to all their products, Plastiqua also provides quick delivery and the greatest availability for their orders. It is also possible to order small quantities of measuring cups, bottles or containers without paying a premium price. All the company's products can be personalised with logos or trademarks. What's more, Plastiqua also includes a graphics department providing customers with advice and assistance in the creation of graphic design projects for the plastic materials. The company also produces custom-made prints plus offset and screen printing decorations.

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