Manufacture of plastic materials Alessandria

Plastiqua, located in Viguzzolo, Alessandria, in business since 1990, is a company specialising in the manufacture and sale of various types of plastic jars, spoons and measuring spoons, medication holders, ie. containers for pills and tablets. All this with the use of the best types of plastics present on the market and the most modern and efficient machining and control technologies, in order to offer a high quality product.

It is possible to request plastic bottles/jars for medications or medication holders with personalised finishes. They select the best plastic materials, which can be recycled and are suitable for food use.

All Plastiqua bottles/jars come in a wide variety of standard colours and may be pesronalised upon request. The company's team is constantly busy updating and searching for the best raw materials in order to provide the best products.

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