Plastic measuring spoons/cups manufacture

With remarkable experience in consulting and manufacture, Plastiqua is leader in the marketing of containers and packaging items, including dispensers and plastic jars, specific for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries, but also for health food and herbal products. Located in the province of Alessandria and in business since 1990 in the plastics moulding sector, the company has acquired skills and know-how so much that it has become a reference point even for the province of Rome.

Sale of volumetric dispensers

The supply of plastic dispensers for dispensing the precise amount of creams and liquid, powder or granular products, is ensured by the company through high quality packaging methods, guaranteeing absolute product durability and hygiene, satisfying every single customer need. Specifically, Plastiqua manufactures not only dispensers, but also polymeric polyethylye or polyethylene small containers, bottles and jars, providing personalised graphic, offset and screen printing services.

Sealed containers for liquids

Among the wide range of plastic products available to customers, there are also sealed containers. These consist in jars with a seal that cannot be opened without the removal of the same. Plastiqua also manufactures containers with dispenser for liquids and creams, with the possibility of choosing among a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. The company manufactures:

  • plastic pill holders
  • tablet medicine holders
  • measuring spoons/cups up to 50 ml (notches in 2,5-5-10-20-30-40 ml) or with handle for medical use
  • bottles with dispenser
  • tubes for packaging
  • containers for chemicals

 Plastiqua possesses the UNI EN ISO 900:2008 certification for quality.

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