Manufacture of plastic bottles

One of the most utilised materials for the production of packages in recent times is without a doubt plastic, especially for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. These three categories are in fact Plastiqua's main customers. Ever since 1990 the company located in Viguzzolo (Alessandria) has made plastic materials their main production line. The company from Piedmont has a vast catalogue of high quality products, including the new sealed plastic bottles.

Sealed plastic bottles

This particular type of plastic bottle cannot be opened if not through the removal of the plastic strip that closes the cap, thereby eliminating the annoying problem of accidental opening during packing, transportation and unloading. A problem that, especially in the food industry, is a source of great waste and economic loss for manufacturing companies. This sealing system created by Plastiqua, instead, guarantees total product integrity contained in the bottle because the opening cannot be random or accidental. To re-close the sealed bottle, it is sufficient to screw it as if it were a simple container.

Ready for delivery plastic containers

The sealed containers and all other Plastiqua products are immediately available and ready for delivery, so as to satisfy customers who need these products promptly. All products are guaranteed through statistical quality control and through special packaging in order to guarantee product durability and hygiene. In this section there's a photo gallery with some examples of our products for sale. For more information and details simply fill out the form in the website's "Contacts" section.

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