plastic graduated measuring cups
plastic graduated measuring cups
plastic graduated measuring cups

The plastic graduated measuring cups are extremely useful for many manufacturing purposes, and its only when you notice that you don't have it that you realise it's a useful item. So it's always important to have a good supply available, and Plastiqua is the best choice for every need.

Manufacture of measuring cups for the food and pharmaceutical industries

Many appliance manufacturing or companies provide a measuring cup or spoon in their packages so the user always has one ready at hand. Plastiqua, company based in the province of Alessandria, has been in business since 1990 manufacturing plastic packagings and objects including graduated measuring cups of different shapes and capacities depending on their use.

The company's experience in this sector is a guarantee that it uses only high quality and controlled materials, thus providing only hygienic products. Plastiqua's extensive catalogue includes many other plastic products, in particular containers for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. Furthermore, for all their products, the Piedmontese company guarantees quick deliveries and the highest availability in orders: you can also order small quantities of measuring cups, jars or containers without paying a higher price.

Custom-made measuring cups

All of the company's products may be personalised with logos or trademarks. Plastiqua also has a graphics department providing customers with advice and assistance in the creation of graphic projects for the plastic materials. The company also manufactures custom-made moulds, offset and screen printing decorations.

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