To contact Plastiqua's staff and request information on all products, estimates and for details on all plastic products please fill out the form available in this section. Our Sales Team will get in touch with you as soon as possible in order to provide you with clear and detailed information on all your requests. 

The company is located in Viguzzolo (province of Alessandria), in Strada Garbagna 2, an extremely easy to reach location: along Provincial Road 120 just a few kilometres away from Tortona and from the A7 Milan-Genoa highway exit. Our customers may also contact us via e-mail ( or call us at 0131 899294.

Plastiqua specialises in the moulding of plastic materials and works with the utmost professionalism thanks to its solid experience handling the manufacture of pill holders and bottles from 10 to 2000 cc with safety seal, dispensers, spoons, jars for creams and measuring cups.

Strada Per Garbagna 2
Viguzzolo (al) , 15058 Italia
0131 899294
0131 897958


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Strada Per Garbagna, 2 - 15058 Viguzzolo (ALessandria)

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