Plastic pill carrier production forms part of supplying fundamental packaging for various industrial sectors, and particularly the pharmaceutical field. Since 1990, Plastiqua has specialised in the moulding of plastic materials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. It is thus able to produce various types of containers for pills and tablets with inviolable closure seals in a range of sizes and capacities. The models available vary from 10 to 2000 ml. The materials used in their production are of top quality, recyclable and certified. In particular, it is possible to request plastic bottles destined for medicines for oral use or pill holders, having custom designs and finishes. Indeed, at the client's disposal are experienced technicians able to offer a consulting service and support for the development of graphic design projects. It is also possible to request containers of various sizes and shapes, in polymeric polyethylene or polypropylene material, having available a wide range of colours and offset or screen printing decorations. The company also supplies dispensers and jars, inviolable bottles and vials for medicines or plastic containers for liquids. Plastiqua additionally deals with supplies for herbalists, offering items such as cylindrical vases, vials with sealed caps and various types of bottles. Finally, it is possible to request tubes for packaging, measuring cups and spoons for medical applications.

The company based in Viguzzolo, Alessandria, successfully operates and distributes its products also in the province of Bologna.

Over time, plastic has become the preferred material for almost all types of packaging, especially in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Indeed, the principle clients of Plastiqua fall into these these three categories, availing of the plastic materials produced by the company in Viguzzolo (AL) since 1990. Among the many products to be selected from the vast catalogue, there are also inviolable plastic bottles. These particular bottles cannot be opened if not through the removal of the closure that seals the cap, thereby eliminating the annoying problem of accidental opening of the containers in the packaging, transport and unloading phases. This is a problem, especially in the food industry, that causes great waste and economic loss for manufacturing companies. This closure system, however, guarantees the complete integrity of the product contained therein as the opening of the product cannot be random nor accidental. To then close the inviolable bottle, it is sufficient to screw it closed like any simple container. Both the inviolable containers and all other Plastiqua products are immediately available and ready for delivery, so that we may also satisfy clients having urgent supply needs. All products are guaranteed through the statistical quality control and through the special packaging designed to guarantee product durability and hygiene.

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